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dai dream


                            "The Melodic Maestro"


Smooth, introspective, and Catchy. Every Dai Dream record has a timeless gracefulness with a youthful bounce that makes it perfect for both dancing and meditation.

When it comes to melody and flow, Dai Dream is an undeniable master of the human voice. since his debut in the summer of 2018, Dai Dream has released two solo projects (Early Summer, Sadder Dai nights) and a joint project with label mates, The New Solution (House Fire), and various features with local prominent artist, including the very catchy "Violet Skies" with Quincy X. Dai Dream isn't slowing down any time soon. With A 2021 Summer Album scheduled for release, Dai Dream has his listeners right where he wants them, on the edge of their seats, clinging to every melody, every introspective lyric, and every production detail that the maestro cooks up!

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