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Adolescent life, the biggest tragicomedy of them all! The Juveniles is a show that follows the lives of several high school juniors as they navigate the highs and lows of everyday life, and balance between the challenges of relationships, friendships, and self-acceptance. 


Written and Shot entirely over the course of summer (the infamous pandemic summer of 2020) the show's writer and creator Joshua D. Harris, found inspiration from his own youth "Being a teenager was a very difficult time in my life, I was very insecure, and had a large amount of social anxiety, thank goodness most of my friends we're extroverts or I don't think I would have ever left my bedroom" He remarks. "The biggest thing for me when writing is the characters, all the characters in the show are inspired by real people and events, I think everybody that watches the show will be able to relate in some form to one if not all of the characters." 

"The thing I want people to take away from this show aside from whatever expectations they bring to it, is to love yourself, love those around you, and appreciate life: We are blessed with two very precious gifts, the first being love and the second being time. Use both wisely, and you might just find life to be quite pleasant!"




Alyssa Wilkinson

as Cayenne Pepper


Cedar Curran

as Matt McGuire


Kayla Young

as Asia Lockhart


Michael Ogunlade

as Julian Goldwire


Rachel Zahradka

as Jade Stephens

Copy of IMG_0312.jpg

Yennifer Arguelles

as Ke Ke Williams


Thomas Jones

as Buzz Allen


Kylie Marquez-Downie

as Jessica Wayne


                                                            Juveniles Series Credits


Executive Producer: Joshua D. Harris

Producers: Justin “Flash” Harris, Brendon Watts, Mia Richards, Carli Cheatham

Directed by: Joshua D. Harris

Co-directed by: Azariyah Ruffin, Lucienne Nghiem

Screenplay by: Joshua D. Harris

Production Designer: Joshua D. Harris

Art Director: Keoni Diggs

Costume Designer: Jada Fernandez, Tyler Fernandez

Director of Photography: Azariyah Ruffin

Hair and Makeup Designer: Kayla Young

Camera Operators: Azariyah Ruffin, Joshua D. Harris, Lucienne Nghiem, Henry Boyle, Warren Ruffin

Casting directors: Maddie Balser, Brendon Watts

Sound Engineer: Justin “Flash” Harris

Music Supervisor: Justin “Flash” Harris, Joshua D. Harris

Senior Editor: Lucienne Nghiem

Locations manager: Joshua D. Harris

Props Manager: Kayla Young

Script Supervisor- Tyler Fernandez



Cayenne Peppers- Alyssa Wilkinson

Matt McGuire- Cedar Curran

Jade Stephens- Rachel Zahradka

Asia Lockhart- Kayla Young

Buzz Allen- Thomas Jones

Julian Goldwire- Michael Ogunlade

Ke Ke Williams- Yennifer Arguelles


Supporting Cast:

Jessica Wayne- Kylee Downie-Marquez

Trey Smith Jr.- Joshua D. Harris


Additional Cast:

Tye- Jalen Thurman

Tiffany- Telana Washington


Extras (Part 2):

Girl Answering door- Fio LoPresti

Jacket Guy- Henry Boyle

Partygoer #1- Imari Sledge

Partygoer #2- Tyler Fernandez

Partygoer#3- Elijah Fernandez

Partygoer#4- Noah Fernandez


Special Thanks

To the Fernandez, and Glover Family for sharing your homes and helping to create the sets for our show.


Special thanks to Sharon Harris, my mother, and best friend. Your love and support never goes unnoticed, you're a queen, love you ;)

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