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The Daily Artist #1: Becoming Water

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The Daily Artist #1: Becoming Water

(Learning How To Not Let Your Ego Get In The Way Of Your Vision.)

Written by Joshua D. Harris

Lights. Camera. Action. And just like that you’re doing it. You’ve started working on your next big project. That idea that you had, that you saw every single night in your dream is finally becoming a reality. You did it. You made it. That liberal arts degree is finally going to pay off. You don’t usually pat yourself on the back because you don’t feel like you earned it, but this time you know you earned it, because you did everything humanly possible to get your project to this stage.Then…... Wham. The sudden weight of being sucker punched starts to expound in your chest, and for another time in life you’ve realized that you aren’t as invincible as you thought you were. Reality has had time to sink in and you must face it head on or become its next victim. Congratulations you have reached the point in your creative process that I like to call THE WAKE. It’s the moment where for the first time you slow down enough to realize that you’ve been dreaming with your eyes closed. Where others may have seen all the potholes and cars blocking the path, you the dreamer have only seen the final destination and the itinerary of all the cool things that you will do once you reach the tourist locations. Time is the gatekeeper of perspective. And with time comes the truth. The more time you spend creating a project the more you realize the inevitable flaws in the individuals, and tools that you have chosen to work with. Nevertheless you are an artist, and an artist doesn’t quit when things get tough. So what do you do? You become water.

Yes I know this sounds like some weirdo hippy talk, but I assure you it’s very effective.

So what does it mean to become water? It means to:

1. Go With The Flow

If you are going to be a successful artist you are going to have to know when to compromise and not let your ego get in the way of your vision. Try to keep in mind that everybody on your team wants the final project to be done well and turn out successful, but they may have different thoughts and ideas when it pertains to achieving their goals, so it’s important to communicate your fears, and thoughts as well as listen twice as much to better understand where your team members are coming from.

2. Be Able To Adapt

Being able to adapt is very important if you are going to be a successful artist. Now this is not to take away from proper planning and being prepared, but sometimes things don't always go as planned and that is just life. Sometimes when you’re working on a project, equipment won’t function right, a team member may forget a valuable piece of equipment, or somebody may come down with a cold. Be open minded enough to find other alternatives. When it comes to being an artist it’s about getting the task at hand done, not looking cute while doing it.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Carve Out Your Own Path

Lastly as an artist, it’s important to know your element, and what feels natural for you. Just because an opportunity presents itself does not mean that it’s for you. As an individual we all have lines and boundaries that we don’t cross or compromise on, and that is perfectly fine. Part of being a successful artist is learning your limitations and being mature enough to know when you need to walk away from a project.

In Conclusion, to become a more successful artist learn to be like water: 1. Go With The Flow 2. Be Able To Adapt 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Carve Out Your Own Path.

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