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I could feel her warm breathing over my face. As I turned my head towards her she shrieked at me and I could feel my soul temporarily exit my body. I was scarred sh*tless.

After I realized what had happened, I quickly tried to regain myself. Hoping nobody noticed. I looked over to my left, and my crush was sitting their, with one finger pointed at me, and a huge devilish grin across her face.

I had gotten scarred at a play, and completely embarrassed myself.

Dammit I thought to myself. How the hell am I supposed to recover from this. For the remainder of the play I sat sulking in my seat. I was so lost in my own train of thought that I almost missed it.

I could feel a small, warm hand slide between the crevices of my own. It was her hand.

"WTF? What is happening right now" I thought to myself, trying not to seem too excited.

Play it cool you idiot. Play it cool

I locked my fingers into hers, and then I awkwardly half turned my head. Until I saw it with my own two eyes I wouldn't believe it. As I'm turning my head to the left she turns her head to face me and then we lock eyes. We both don't say anything. I'm frozen somewhat with fear and somewhat with desire. I can tell she feels the same.

I feel like I should do something but I don't know what to do. Then the moment passes. She turns to continue watching the show.

Holy Moley what just happened!

I felt like I was having a mini heart attack!

After the show we waited patiently as all the other students exited the theater. There was refreshments downstairs, but all I could think about was what happened during the show.

Have you ever replayed something in your mind so much that you begin to doubt if it even really happened in the first place. That's how I felt. I felt like I had been sleep walking inside a day dream.

I look over at her face and it was filled with a smile I hadn't seen since I first met the girl. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"What did you think about the show? You seem a bit flustered" I asked jokingly trying to keep the moment alive

"Flustered? Me? You were the one screaming for your life" she cracked defensively.

"I was not screaming for my life. I happened to be practicing my falsetto." I say while inching closer to her. My eyes locking in on her lips.

"You should leave the singing to me" she says while stepping closer.

"And why's that?" My nose closing the gap between our face.

"Cause you're not very good at it" she says leaning in to match my momentum.

If there was ever a perfect moment to kiss her it was now.

"Are you guys going to join us?" My teacher asked appearing at the doorway.

"Yeah" my crush replied one hand covering her face and her hair now gently resting over her eyes.

"We're coming." I say, my voice slightly higher than normal.

For the rest of the trip nothing else seemed to matter. I felt like I was floating on a giant cloud.

When we got back onto the bus. She checked her phone and that smile that she had slowly turned into a frown.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I'm fine" She said now gazing out the window.

I could feel the cloud slowly drifting back over us.

It was starting to get late, and I could feel her weight with her every breathe.

"Here" I say offering her my shoulder. "Use this"

She placed her head down and closed her eyes.

This made me smile. It was something I used to do for my cousins during long car rides to New York.

Suddenly the bus came to an abrupt stop.

"What's happening?" I say, suddenly aware of the fact that I had been sleeping.

"We're here" she said almost sarcastically

I looked out the window expecting to see the school. To my surprise we were outside of the theater.

"What are we doing here?"

"The play, remember" my crush said gently poking my face.

"But.." I'm trail off before I finish my thought.

"C'mon let's go" my crush says before hoping over me and walking off the bus.

I stare at her from out the bus window, thinking to myself: This could either be the greatest of the worst first date of my entire life.

The End.

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