I could feel her warm breathing over my face. As I turned my head towards her she shrieked at me and I could feel my soul temporarily exit my body. I was scarred sh*tless.

After I realized what had happened, I quickly tried to regain myself. Hoping nobody noticed. I looked over to my left, and my crush was sitting their, with one finger pointed at me, and a huge devilish grin across her face.

I had gotten scarred at a play, and completely embarrassed myself.

Dammit I thought to myself. How the hell am I supposed to recover from this. For the remainder of the play I sat sulking in my seat. I was so lost in my own train of thought that I almost missed it.

I could feel a small, warm hand slide between the crevices of my own. It was her hand.

"WTF? What is happening right now" I thought to myself, trying not to seem too excited.