Inside the theater we were greeted by their representatives. They directed us down a long narrow hallway. On the left side of the hallway were bathrooms, on the right was a stairwell. The stairwell lead to the theater. After about 15 minutes of waiting for classmates to come in and out of the bathroom they finally escorted us into the theater towards our seats.

I'll never forget the eerie feeling of being inside that theater. It was Friday The 13th, so in keeping with the Halloween Tradition we had went to see a scary Play. Me and my friend were in the back of the long line of students, roughly 50 or so to make it inside the theater.

Once inside we had to figure where we were going to sit. I wanted to sit in the back, but because of this play being supposedly scary nobody wanted to sit in the front. So literally all of the empty seats were in the first two rows of the theater. I have long legs and the only place where I could sit and stretch was the front row since the second row didn't have any aisle seats.

I could tell my crush was a little scarred so I saw it as my opportunity to assert some dominance in the situation. In my mind every woman respects a brave man.

"You're not scarred are you?" I teased.

"Who me? No ..." She replied still smiling but clearly a little anxious.