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Inside the theater we were greeted by their representatives. They directed us down a long narrow hallway. On the left side of the hallway were bathrooms, on the right was a stairwell. The stairwell lead to the theater. After about 15 minutes of waiting for classmates to come in and out of the bathroom they finally escorted us into the theater towards our seats.

I'll never forget the eerie feeling of being inside that theater. It was Friday The 13th, so in keeping with the Halloween Tradition we had went to see a scary Play. Me and my friend were in the back of the long line of students, roughly 50 or so to make it inside the theater.

Once inside we had to figure where we were going to sit. I wanted to sit in the back, but because of this play being supposedly scary nobody wanted to sit in the front. So literally all of the empty seats were in the first two rows of the theater. I have long legs and the only place where I could sit and stretch was the front row since the second row didn't have any aisle seats.

I could tell my crush was a little scarred so I saw it as my opportunity to assert some dominance in the situation. In my mind every woman respects a brave man.

"You're not scarred are you?" I teased.

"Who me? No ..." She replied still smiling but clearly a little anxious.

That's when the lights dimmed and the steps of one of the theater directors could be heard clicking across the wooden stage.

"Good," I replied. "Besides if anything happens I got you." I said arrogantly. "I'm from the hood ain't nothing scary I haven't seen."

Eventually the lights dimmed and it was time for the show to start. Immediately, not even five minutes into the play, the ghostly silhouette of a woman appeared out of the shadows. This made all of us tense up. I could feel my crush's hand grip tightly around my arm. She was legit scarred and as messed up as this may sound..... this made me relax. I had a game plan. All I needed to do for the rest of the entire show was not get noticeably frightened. This would make me irresistible in her eyes. A handsome man such as myself who wasn't afraid of anything. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

So for the remainder of the show I braced myself and managed to resist the urge to flinch ,and I'm not even going to lie .. this show was legit scary. One of the scariest shows I had ever seen. There were actors walking through the crowd in the dark wearing all black, randomly running and screaming. It was absolutely terrifying. I didn't flinch not once. I felt like a WW2 fighter pilot kidnaped by the enemy, and this was my torture.

"Are you going to let down your fellow countrymen Lieutenant?"

"No sir!" I answered back in my head.


Why would I randomly scream that out loud in a theater.

That would be weird.

Okay moving on...

All I had to do was endure another forty five more minutes of this play and from there it was easy rolling. That's when I heard it.. We all heard it.


Somebody in the audience was sobbing. I looked over towards my right and that's when I saw him. There was a kid sitting directly next to me who was crying.

"Boy ain't no way" I thought to myself.

I leaned my head over to my left, and whispered towards my crush.

"Don't be obvious but the boy to our left is legit crying right now"

"No way? Where?" she replied while slightly sitting up

"Look to my right" I said

She peaked over my shoulder.

"Oh my goodness that boy is crying!" She snickered and I couldn't help but join.

"You should do something?" She said now with that concerned maternal look she would sometimes wear. I thought it was sexy but I knew it would often involve me doing something I didn't want to do.

"Me? What should I do?" I asked genuinely hesitant.

"I don't know, just do something" She said now clearly not kidding.


So I leaned over towards my right.

"Hey man you doing alright?" I whispered.

The boy looked over at me and based off the look in his face I realized that I made a huge mistake. This boy wasn't really like most boys..

This boy was one of the developmentally challenged kids.

He put one finger to his mouth and proceeded to shush me. LOUDLY.

"No talking during the play!" he said clearly annoyed that I had interfered with his play going experience.

Then without breaking character he went back to crying.

I turned back towards my crush.

"He's fine."

She didn't hear me.

"I said he's fine."

Still no response. She was in a trance. That's when I followed her gaze back towards the stage. A large shadowy figure was now looming over us. The words "This might kill me" suddenly appearing inside my head.

To be continued.

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