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10 Great First Dates

Written by Joshua D. Harris

By now most of you know I am a big romantic. Nothing I love more than a fun, romantic night out on the town with a special someone to keep me company. Here are my top 10 dates that I believe anybody can pull off!

1. The Arcade

Yes you read that correctly. This isn't an old article from 1985, this was written in 2022. There's actually a restaurant in my town that has a few arcade games. I think this is a perfect way to break the ice on a first date, you two will both be moving around, having to react quickly and it will give you a real sense of your partners tendencies are they extremely confident and outgoing or are they more shy and reserved. Either way it will be the perfect way to ask some of the awkward first date questions in a very casual and chill environment.

2. The Record Store

I love music, and I would say at least 99% of the people I meet do as well. What better way to connect with someone than to go record shopping (if you don't have a record player you can always go to a book store like Barns and Noble to find CDs) On this date you should each pick out a record that means a lot to you and buy it for the other person. This is a great way to build trust, and it will encourage you to be more accepting of your partners preferences and taste.

3. Farm

I'm from Virginia and one of the best activities is to go to a local farm or harvest and pick fruit and vegetables. One it's a great way to try new things and also they usually provide some great scenery for a quick Instagram photo shoot. You could ask your partner if it's cool if you take a picture of them, and then on the next date you can save the picture as your phone's wallpaper, this will be a cool way of saying "hey, I like you and I plan to for a long time"

4. The Beach

If you're fortunate to live close enough to the beach, then pat yourself on the back because you have a front row seat to nature's greatest display. Personally I hate sand (insert Anakin clip) but even I would be in denial if I said the ocean wasn't the single most romantic thing on earth. Also the beach board walks are filled with so many gems, and great places to eat. You honestly will not run out of things to do or talk about.

5. The Library

There is nothing fun about the library, unless you are there for a study date. Something about having to whisper and trying not to laugh to loud, really builds chemistry and fun intimate connection. It will feel like the entire project is you and your partners little secret, something that you two share and only you two know.

6. Biking

You and you're partner should go biking, find a trail and just hit it. This is a great intimate time you two can share, the exercise will give you an adrenaline rush and give you that extra confidence boost to ask those daring questions and make those usually tense first moves a little less awkward.

7. Waffle House

This one is very specific, but if you ever lived in the south you need to go to waffle house late at night. Trust me it's an experience you will never forget. Hell for a couple of quarters you can play a song on the jukebox, this will make the whole experience fill like VIP treatment at you're own club.

8. Thrift Shopping

Go to your nearest thrift store and play a game with your partner see who can pick out the best outfit for the other with a $20 budget. This is a great way to see how spontaneous your partner is and also how they envision you.. do they see you as silly, professional, down to earth. Only one way to find out. Get a stop watch and head down to your local thrift.

9. Football/Basketball Game

If you're a super die hard sports fan you may want to avoid taking your date to a sporting event for your favorite team, but if you're a casual sports fan then this is an absolute blast of a first date! There will be great music, food, and grown adult men loosing their sh*t over other grown adult men. Priceless. Also any photos that you take while at the game are automatically gonna stand out amongst the sea of boring couple's picnic photos on Instagram. Yawn!

10. Church Event

If you're a person of faith or your partner happens to be, going to a church event will be a good way for you both to connect not just on a spiritual level but a philosophical level as well. Most people consider their church to be there second home. Knowing what each other believes and values will determine a lot about your future together and just what you plan on getting yourself into. Also let me be very clear.. the first date shouldn't be an actual church service, but a church picnic or fundraiser event.

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