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2020: The Summer From Hell?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

2020: The Summer From Hell?

Written By Joshua D. Harris

There are two things that you should never take for granted in this world. The first being time and the second being love. These are gifts that cost nothing to give, yet everything to waste. When this summer started I was bummed out, as I'm sure a lot of us were. I wanted to travel more and perform my new material from my last album, but the pandemic quickly put all of those on halt. I spent the first couple of days in quarantine feeling closed off and disconnected from the world.... and then one day I had an epiphany. Why spend all my free time complaining about the things that I couldn't do when I wasn't even doing the things that I could do. That week I tried to call as many friends and family members and just check in on them and their lives. I started thinking less about what people could do for me and more about what I could do for people. And with that I knew it was time to create again, but this time I wasn't creating for my own ego I was going to create projects that I knew would allow others to express their thoughts and concerns, and that's when the collab's came about.

We were three weeks into June. I had been working non-stop on producing for a show that I had been working on secretly (might I add) for the last few months. We had all came off a tape earlier in the year. Dai Dream's Sadder Nights which dropped April 25th, and New Solution's The Sauce Tape 2 sometime shortly after. Obviously due to the pandemic neither of us were able to go out and tour like we had planned, so we ended up doing the next best thing. We all decided to gather in the studio and work on some new tracks for the summer. What started as a two song EP evolved into a full blown mini-album, with all artist feeling the need to continue to write and work on this tape. We would meet twice every week to record, sometimes spending entire nights on records only to come back the next day and scrap them completely. This tape is special because all the artist involved wanted to push themselves and ultimately each other. The picture frame used on the album cover was a way to frame a moment in time that anyone who's lived through will never forget. We as black artist speaking so candidly about our lives during the pandemic, and civil unrest in America speaks to an entire generation of people that have been through the fire and didn't succumb to all the smoke in the air. As Abraham Lincoln once said "a House divided shall not stand", but sometimes faulty structures have to be demolished and remodeled so that the next generation can walk on a solid foundation.

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