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Red-y for action! The Cardinals take center field to kick off The You Art Initiative!

Photograph: Lucienne Nghiem

12 pm. Saturday March 20th.

The Cardinals arrive at The Diamond Baseball Stadium in Richmond, VA to film a few scenes for Dai Dream's I Wish music video. This is Dai Dream's first single and music video of 2021.

"I really want to use my artistry to create music that not only makes people feel good but also inspires people to take initiative and spread love throughout their communities. You don't have to be rich and famous to make a difference in the world, you just have to be yourself and willing to share"

In addition to Dai Dream's new music video and song, The House Of Cards VA. Team is also launching their very first youth art fundraiser campaign called 'The You Art Initiative' with a goal to raise $20,000 over the summer for local youth art programs affected during the pandemic.

The 'You Art Initiative' kicks off Saturday May 1st! For more information check out our You Art page and read more!

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